Segen – Your Partner In Solar Energy

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Segen – Your Partner In Solar Energy

Segen Solar GmbH is the German-based subsidiary of Segen Ltd., the UK's largest photovoltaic specialist wholesaler and distributor of solar panels, inverters, battery storage and other products to a nationwide network of specialist installers. The company sells solar power systems, solar panels, inverters and solar energy components in Germany and the Benelux countries as well as other neighbouring European countries. 


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SegenSolar can offer you attractive prices on solar panels, inverters, mounting etc. with high product availability as well as excellent customer service. SegenSolar also offers a unique customer portal, allowing you to browse, design a solar PV system and order, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can order solar panels, inverters, battery storage solutions and PV accessories individually or let our design software create a compatible system for you in a matter of minutes. We offer many delivery options across Benelux. On top of all this, the portal will keep you up to date on industry news, product updates, special offers and events near you, offering you an all round interactive service.


Click here to contact directly with the SegenSolar Team customer portal and register online for us! 

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Segen is part of the
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